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  • A 4-Way Shuttle Project in Taizhou
  • Four-way shuttle project in Ruicheng
  • Inner Mongolia project
  • Xi’an 4D Racking System Project
  • Shanxi Yuncheng Project
  • Shenyang Project

A 4-Way Shuttle Project in Taizhou

       Congratulations on the successful completion of the four-way shuttle automated warehouse project of a pharmaceutical industry in Taizhou, Jiangsu Province in mid-April.The pharmaceutical company cooperating in this project is located in Taizhou Pharmaceutical High-tech Zone. It is a large integrated pharmaceutical company engaging in scientific research, production, technology and import and export trade. This project is used to store 2-8℃ vaccines. The vaccines are various, most of which are outbound through picking. The efficiency requirement is not high.        Implementation difficulties: The implementation time required by the project is too short, which is about 2 months. Meanwhile, multiple parties participate in the construction together.        Technical highlights: This is the first automated high density warehouse project for vaccine bank in China. Through the organic cooperation between the four-way intensive Warehouse Management System (WMS), Warehouse Scheduling System (WCS) and the automatic control system, it can realize the automatic execution of vaccine import and export operations, accurate positioning of inventory location,  monitoring of inventory status in real time and inventory information updating in real time. The project promotes the whole process of digital cooperative management of sales, production, warehousing, quality inspection, delivery and other operations.         Industry level: The four-way high density warehouse for pharmaceutical industry can realize the flexible division of single storage space and multi-depth of racks, reducing laneway area and equipment investment. The space utilization rate can reach 3-5 times of the traditional flat warehouse, saving 60% to 80% of labor and improving the working efficiency by more than 30%. It not only greatly reduces the area of pharmaceutical warehouse, improves the accuracy and turnover efficiency of logistics operations in pharmaceutical enterprises" warehousing, but also effectively reduces the error rate of drug delivery and the comprehensive production cost of the enterprises. The safety of drug storage is also well guaranteed under the premise of ensuring storage density.         The implementation of this project has been highly recognized and praised by customers. Both of us are looking forward to more extensive cooperation in the future.

Four-way shuttle project in Ruicheng

New Year"s Day is approaching, one more four-way shuttle project has landed in Ruicheng, China. This company uses our four-way intelligent shuttle solution with an innovative automated storage to achieve high-density storage automation, informatization and intelligence. Equipped with 6 sets of four-way shuttles for a total of 3,112 pallet locations. It greatly improves customers" space utilization, storage capacity, and warehousing efficiency. Established an automation platform for customers to achieve the goals of automatic inbound, outbound, and scheduling.

Inner Mongolia project

      Another four-direction shuttle project of our company landed in beautiful Inner Mongolia; the enterprise is an international famous leader in fine chemical products. This intelligent automated warehouse is fine and ingenious, storing dozens of different kinds of goods, meeting the needs of products in various. This case is a typical "flexible storage solution" of our company, which has the two characteristics of discrete and distributed control, coupled with the advantages of high flexibility of four-direction shuttle, strong adaptability, energy conservation and environmental protection, which perfectly matches with the corporate culture and national energy conservation and environmental protection policy. It is the better choice of more and more companies.

Xi’an 4D Racking System Project

    The customer of Xi"an TBK stereoscopic warehouse project is a brake pad manufacturer, and the stereoscopic warehouse is mainly in charge of the storage of raw materials. This project uses a four-direction intelligent shuttle for the first time to complete the shuttle storage between high layer and multi-lanes. The project requires a wide variety of products and a large number of batches. It needs to be able to complete the material distribution automatically. This project is the first use of our four-direction shuttle officially. The whole progress meets customer’s needs and the expectation of production requirements. Which is a successful trial to gain experience and prove ourselves.

Shanxi Yuncheng Project

    A Bioengineering Co., Ltd. in Shanxi is a high-tech enterprise which mainly focus on functional biological products. It uses our four-direction intelligent shuttle racking solution, adopts an innovative automated intensive warehouse, with 3 four-direction shuttles, a total of 1120 cargo positions. Our product greatly improves the customer"s space availability, inventory capacity, and efficiency of warehouse-in and warehouse-out. In addition, we established an automation platform for customers to achieve the goals of automatic warehouse-in, automatic warehouse-out and automatic control.

Shenyang Project

In order to improve the availability of the warehouse, a large-scale auto parts factory in Shenyang uses our four-direction intelligent dense storage system. Our company has provided four-direction shuttle, control system, scheduling system and WMS, etc., for customer to establish an automatic three-dimensional warehouse with high efficiency, safety and large storage space. Which can achieve the goals of automatic storage, real-time monitoring feedback.



2023 Zhejiang Pharmaceutical Expo concluded successfully


The 2023 Zhejiang Traditional Chinese Medicine Expo concluded successfully on November 12 in Pan"an County, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province. Having been successfully held for 15 times, the Pan"an Traditional Chinese Medicine Expo has formed a development pattern that focuses on the exhibition and sales of medicinal materials, supplemented by investment promotion, and with summits and forums as the main activities.The exhibition is divided into two exhibition areas. The traditional Chinese medicine machinery and equipment exhibition and sales area is arranged in the original drug trading market, with a total of 32 booths. The exhibition scope is Chinese medicine machinery and equipment companies such as Chinese herbal medicine processing machinery, slice processing equipment, and warehouse storage facilities. In the traditional Chinese medicine and health products exhibition area, a total of 33 specially designed booths and 128 standard booths are set up to focus on displaying regional brands of traditional Chinese medicinal materials from all over the province.Nanjing 4D Intelligent Storage Equipment Co., Ltd., as one of the earliest companies in China to research 4D dense systems, is committed to solving the innovation, research, development and application of high-density storage logistics automation, informatization, and integration technologies for users, providing users with One-stop service from equipment development and design, production and manufacturing, project implementation, personnel training and after-sales service. The 4D intensive warehouse storage solution can strengthen drug quality control, ensure the procurement, storage, and distribution of raw materials, various excipients, internal and external packing materials, and final finished products, optimize the supply chain, and speed up the turnover of materials and drugs inside and outside the enterprise. Reduce human errors and increase productivity and customer satisfaction. Moreover, it can improve the utilization rate of warehousing space, improve the efficiency of inflow and outflow, and achieve cost reduction and efficiency improvement.Nanjing 4D Intelligent actively participated in the Zhejiang Pharmaceutical Expo, demonstrating our company"s brand image and technical strength to the audience, attracting the attention of many end customers and dealer friends. Over the years, our company has continued to develop steadily step by step, insisting on providing customers with high-quality products and good after-sales services, and establishing a good reputation in the industry.It is believed that through this Zhejiang Medicinal Materials Expo, Nanjing 4D Intelligent Storage Equipment Co., Ltd. will further expand its corporate influence and provide more customers with increasingly optimized high-density warehousing automation, information, and intelligent system solutions to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

Nanjing 4D Intelligent 4D shuttle’s advantages and project implementation


As a new solution for three-dimensional warehouses, the 4D shuttle has attracted much attention from customers. Compared with the stacker, it is more flexible, intelligent and cost-effective. With the diversified development trend of the warehousing and logistics industry and the broad requirements of cost control, more and more users will choose the 4D shuttle system.The traditional laneway stacker solution is mostly used in rectangular warehouses, while the 4D shuttle can be constructed in a modular form even in special-shaped warehouses, and has stronger adaptability to warehouses. At the same time, multiple 4D shuttles can be used on one floor to increase the system"s in-out rate. The rated load of the 4D shuttle is generally within 2t, and it is suitable for use in three-dimensional warehouses below 25 meters. It can move flexibly in four directions, front, back, left and right, and reach any position of the vertical warehouse to realize the sorting and loading of goods.Nanjing 4D Intelligent Storage Equipment Co., Ltd., as a professional 4D intensive storage system integration company in China, has been focusing on 4D intensive storage system solutions for many years. The core equipment, 4D shuttles and core technologies are independently developed and produced.In August 2023, another 4D shuttle project of 4D Intelligence is being launched in Xinjiang. Engineers combined warehouse environment, intensive storage, and warehouse input and output efficiency to design the optimal plan and establish two constant-temperature material storage warehouses, One 7-tier shelf, the other 3-tier shelf, utilizes 2 sets of 4D standard shuttles and 2 sets of elevators, providing a total of 1360 vaccine storage positions. The on-site project commissioning work has come to an end and has entered the stage of trial operation. The entire project process is implemented in strict accordance with standardization, and each project link is controlled with high standards. After the project is completed, the storage of goods will be more flexible and efficient. According to the development needs of customers, the efficiency of storage and storage can be easily improved by increasing the number of 4D shuttles. In addition, more storage solutions are provided according to the complexity of cargo specifications to achieve single-deep, double-deep, and multi-deep. Combined mode. Real-time information, real-time monitoring, and WCS scheduling are equipment operations, real-time monitoring of the 4D shuttle coordinate position, speed, power and other status, which can be operated and viewed at any time. In contrast, if the stacker solution is used, the storage capacity will be greatly reduced, and the project cost will be about 30% higher. Therefore, considering all aspects, the 4D shuttle is a more reasonable choice to realize intelligent intensive storage for customers.

2023 Asia-Europe Food Processing and Packaging Expo concluded successfully in Xinjiang


The 2023 China (Xinjiang) Asia-Europe Food Processing and Packaging Expo was held at the Urumqi International Convention and Exhibition Center from September 21 to September 23, 2023. Many well-known domestic and foreign food processing and packaging machinery companies were participated. Manufacturers and dealers from various industries came to the exhibition in person, hoping to obtain ideal customer orders!In order to develop the western region market in China, we made careful preparations before the attendance of the fair, hoping to gain something from this exhibition. In this exhibition, we displayed project cases, videos and related brochures of the four-way intensive warehouse shuttle system and two-way radio shuttle, which attracted many audiences to stop by to watch, consult and negotiate. Our personnel participating in the exhibition explained the performance, uses and advantages of the products in detail. Many manufacturers also raised technical difficulties encountered during warehouse planning. With our professional and enthusiastic guidance and answers, customers have a better understanding of smart warehousing. Due to the inherent advantages of our solutions, customers have exchanged the business cards with us for their great interest, which laid the foundation for the cooperation in the future.This is a feast for the industry and a journey of harvest for us. This exhibition allowed our brand image and technical strength to be demonstrated, and it also brought back many valuable opinions from end users and dealer friends. 4D intelligent is down-to-earth, step by step, and continues to grow steadily. With high-quality products and good after-sales service, we have established a good reputation in the industry. 4D intelligent takes "focusing on technology and serving wholeheartedly" as its core value. Through our professionalism and unremitting efforts, we provide high-quality products and services to our customers, meanwhile build two “excellences” - “excellent product” and “excellent project”.

Concept and practical application of FIFO


In the warehouse, there is a principle of "first in first out". As the name suggests, it refers to the goods with the same code "the earlier the goods enter the warehouse, the earlier going out of the warehouse". Is that the cargo that enters the warehouse first, and it must be sent out first. Does this mean that the warehouse is only managed based on the receiving time of the goods and has nothing to do with the production date? Another concept is involved here, which is the shelf life of the product.The shelf life usually refers to the period from manufacturing to expiration. In the warehouse management, the same SKU products will successively enter the warehouse with a new production date. Therefore, in order to avoid deteriorating products in the warehouse, when shipping, it will set priority to send out those products that enter the database early. From this, we can see the essence of advanced first, which is usually judged according to the time entry time, but now it has become judged by the shelf life of the product. In other words, the advanced out -out of the storage management, literally, is to first ship the goods that enter the warehouse first, but in essence, the goods that are closest to the expiration date first.In fact, the concept of advanced first was born in the warehouse of the manufacturing company. At that time, there were not many products in the product. Each warehouse only received the products offline of the local factory. The principle of delivery is not a problem. However, with the gradual increase in product types and the further expansion of sales, some customers" business has expanded to all parts of the country. Factions of various products have been established nationwide to save logistics costs. The warehouses that were originally served only for offline products, the functions became stronger and stronger, and became regional distribution centers (DC). The distribution center warehouse in each region starts the full -product layout. Not only the products that store local factories, they will also accept the arrival of other factories and other warehouses from the country. At this time, you will find that the goods that are allocated from other warehouses are the warehouses that enter later, but the production date may be earlier than some of the products in the existing inventory. At this time, if it is still literally, it is obviously meaningful to be shipped according to "advanced first".Therefore, in the modern warehouse management, the essence of "advanced first" is actually "failed first", that is, we do not judge according to the time of entering the warehouse, but to judge based on the failure period of the product.As the earliest domestic companies in China to study the 4D dense system, Nanjing 4D Smart Storage Equipment Co., Ltd. provides customers with increasingly optimized high -dense storage automation, information, and intelligent system solutions to customers. The company"s core equipment 4D shuttle can meet the requirements of "advanced first". It adopts mechanical top -up, thin thickness, and intelligent program, which has achieved parameter debugging mode. After three years of research and development and 3 years of project implementation experience, there are nearly ten project cases in Nanjing Fourth, and most of them have been accepted, which provides a guarantee for the quality of the product.In addition to the assistance on the equipment, the efficient system is also indispensable. In the WMS system, SKU management does not require variable attributes, and the encoding of inventory goods can be directly adopted by the SKU code. The advanced implementation of SKU management is implemented by the warehouse operation management of the warehouse. In addition, in the management of warehousing, it is necessary to set this principle in the system. The storage rules of the ranking are best to store only one code batch product in the same ranking. Regularly screen the products of the inventory according to the production date. For products that are about to expire (failure or stop sale), the detection and treatment should be done early.

2023 China (Tianjin) International Smart Logistics and Warehousing Exhibition


The 2023 "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei" International Smart Logistics and Warehousing Exhibition, or "SLW EXPO", will be grandly opened at the Tianjin National Convention and Exhibition Center from August 22 to 25.Under the comprehensive promotion of "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development", as the largest comprehensive port, logistics and shipping center in northern China, Tianjin Port industry contains huge supply and demand business opportunities, which will provide new technologies, new products, and new technologies for the logistics industry. The promotion and application of equipment provide strong technical support, promote the intelligent and green development of logistics equipment, and provide "one-stop" procurement and solutions for ports, logistics, warehousing, shipping and other fields.As an industry exhibition, "SLW EXPO" adheres to the purpose of maximizing the benefits of exhibitors, strengthens the buyer organization method with "buyer treaty invitation" as the core, and creates an effective activity system with exhibition display and trade negotiation as the core. Committed to creating a high-level, high-quality and efficient procurement exchange and trade event.Exhibitors at Tianjin Smart Warehousing Exhibition come from many countries and regions around the world. During the exhibition, many well-known brands appeared, covering many industries, including smart logistics, smart warehousing, solution providers, system design, etc., displaying cutting-edge products and technologies and innovative solutions. China Smart Warehousing Exhibition is a platform for enterprises to explore the smart warehousing market. It is a communication and procurement conference with the theme of smart warehousing industry. It will lead the continuous breakthrough and upgrading of Tianjin smart warehousing industry.As an industry leader, Nanjing 4D Intelligent Storage Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to solving the innovation, research, development and application of high-density storage logistics automation, informatization, and integration technologies for users, providing users with equipment development and design, production and manufacturing, and project implementation, personnel training and after-sales service and others as one-stop services. The 4D shuttle is the core equipment of the intensive 4D intelligent warehousing system, which is completely independently developed and produced by our company. The 4D intelligent intensive storage system mainly consists of six parts: dense racks, 4D shuttles, conveying equipment, control systems, WMS warehouse management software, and WCS equipment scheduling software. It has Five control modes - remote control, manual, semi-automatic, local automatic and online automatic, and comes with multiple safety protection and early warning functions: regional safety alarm, operating safety alarm and interactive safety alarm.The future smart logistics and warehousing industry is bound to have unlimited prospects. Nanjing 4D Intelligent will follow the pace of the industry, continue to innovate, seek breakthroughs and work hard to realize our beautiful vision.

Intensive Storage: Planning of Automated Intensive Warehousing System with 4D Shuttle


With the rapid development of the logistics industry, the pallet 4D shuttle three-dimensional warehouse has the advantages of high-efficiency and intensive storage functions, operating costs and systematic and intelligent management in the circulation storage system. It has become one of the mainstream forms of warehousing logistics.In the imported system, how to reasonably plan the 4D shuttle automated dense storage system is the most critical link, which has an important impact on the system to better empower the enterprise and achieve the important goal of reducing costs and increasing efficiency.Planning of 4D Shuttle Automated Intensive Warehousing System The planning of pallet 4D shuttle-type automated dense storage system, including the optimization of storage facility layout, shelf configuration or equipment quantity, and their impact on enterprise investment and construction, minimizes investment costs while ensuring system throughput, and at the same time The cost of later operation should be considered. At present, urban planning and design practitioners are mainly concerned with the division of storage space and the optimization of scheduling paths, while the research on system resource allocation is still blank.The 4D intelligent dense warehouse is a solution that integrates the characteristics of high-density and multi-deep shuttle racks and intelligent access to automated three-dimensional warehouses. The scheme is more flexible, and the rate of inbound and outbound storage can be improved according to the development needs of users. It can be improved only by adding 4D vehicles and hoists, and a larger storage scheme can be provided according to the complexity of goods specifications to achieve single-deep and double-deep. position, and multi-deep combination mode, real-time information, real-time monitoring, WCS scheduling vehicle operations, real-time monitoring of vehicle coordinate position, speed, lighting and other states.As the first batch of companies in China to research 4D intensive systems, Nanjing 4D Intelligent Storage Equipment Co., Ltd. has a complete system research and development process starting from 0 for five years. Guided by technological innovation, it has obtained two inventions of core technologies Patents, to provide customers with increasingly optimized high-intensity warehousing automation, information, and intelligent system solutions. The company"s core equipment, the 4D vehicle, adopts mechanical jacking, is thin in thickness, and has an intelligent program, and has realized a parameterized debugging mode. The main track and secondary track structure designed by Nanjing 4D shuttle has better force resistance, saves space and lower cost.Design and planning of the steel structure of the pallet 4D shuttle three-dimensional warehouse shelfThe difficulty in the design and planning of the steel shelf structure of the pallet 4D shuttle three-dimensional warehouse lies in: the design and optimization of the pallet 4D shuttle steel shelf structure in the warehouse, and the pallet 4D shuttle three-dimensional warehouse is mostly based on existing buildings. And planning, on the basis of fully considering the planning of storage functional areas and meeting the requirements of functional configuration, complete the configuration, planning, design and verification of the pallet 4D shuttle three-dimensional warehouse.In considering the planning and design of the pallet 4D shuttle three-dimensional warehouse, the types of goods to be stored and the unitized size series, the specifications and dimensions of the pallet 4D shuttle trolley, the height of the building floor in the warehouse area, and the load-bearing and Factors such as uneven ground settlement requirements, construction and operating costs, operating efficiency and reliability configuration of storage and handling equipment, etc., construct a structural model and force system analysis factors for a pallet 4D shuttle high-position steel shelf structure, and a pallet 4D shuttle steel shelf The structure adopts the limit state design method based on probability theory, and uses the partial coefficient design expression for design and calculation, in which the load-bearing members are designed according to the limit state of bearing capacity and the limit state of normal service; , structural form, stress state, connection method, steel material and thickness, working environment and other factors are considered comprehensively, and non-load-bearing components are mainly set according to the structural requirements of steel shelves.Among them: the column of the pallet 4D shuttle type three-dimensional warehouse shelf is checked according to the two-way bending member, the influence factors of the holes on the front or side of the column need to be considered, and the calculation of the strength design value of the cold bending effect of the column cross-section pass pattern should also be verified. Methods, etc. The content of the checking calculation includes the calculation and checking of the strength, stiffness and stability of the shelf column and its components. The stability checking calculation includes the multi-element requirements such as local buckling, distortion buckling and overall bending-torsion buckling. This is also a point that many engineers and technicians Where it is easy to ignore or not verify, it is also easy to mistake the stability check for the overall stability check, which will bring certain safety hazards to specific engineering projects;The design and planning of the pallet 4D shuttle steel shelf structure requires detailed analysis of basic data such as customer logistics process requirements, warehouse building structure and its form, and foundation bearing capacity, as well as research on the customer"s logistics operation mode and basic cost composition, and formulation of logistics unit standards. and verification, analysis and comparison of logistics efficiency, configuration of ancillary facilities such as fire protection and lighting, personnel composition, etc., to form a reasonable logistics solution, determine a basically reasonable layout plan or space simulation, and determine structural feature units based on specific project planning information With the structural model, the design and calculation information of the basic structure material selection, node design and optimization, component internal force and deformation control limit of the pallet 4D shuttle steel shelf structure was obtained by manual calculation, and then through finite element parametric modeling and analysis, further Analyze the stress and deformation of specific components, obtain the modal analysis results of the overall structural model, query the analysis results of stress and deformation of components under various working conditions, and perform design checks on the length and slenderness ratio of each component in the model to obtain effective Comparing the internal force and deformation simulation calculation of the basic components with the component information such as compression bending stress ratio and shear stress ratio, and then comparing with the manual calculation conditions, optimizing, checking or test verification, on the premise of ensuring that each component meets the requirements, then Comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the overall stability and load-bearing energy efficiency ratio of the pallet 4D shuttle three-dimensional warehouse to ensure that the steel shelf structure of the pallet 4D shuttle three-dimensional warehouse meets the design requirements.