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  • Four-way shuttle project in Ruicheng
  • Inner Mongolia project
  • Xi’an 4D Racking System Project
  • Shanxi Yuncheng Project
  • Shenyang Project
  • Changzhou Project
  • Inner Mongolia Phase II Project
  • Xinjiang three-dimensional warehouse project

Four-way shuttle project in Ruicheng

New Year"s Day is approaching, one more four-way shuttle project has landed in Ruicheng, China. This company uses our four-way intelligent shuttle solution with an innovative automated storage to achieve high-density storage automation, informatization and intelligence. Equipped with 6 sets of four-way shuttles for a total of 3,112 pallet locations. It greatly improves customers" space utilization, storage capacity, and warehousing efficiency. Established an automation platform for customers to achieve the goals of automatic inbound, outbound, and scheduling.

Inner Mongolia project

      Another four-direction shuttle project of our company landed in beautiful Inner Mongolia; the enterprise is an international famous leader in fine chemical products. This intelligent automated warehouse is fine and ingenious, storing dozens of different kinds of goods, meeting the needs of products in various. This case is a typical "flexible storage solution" of our company, which has the two characteristics of discrete and distributed control, coupled with the advantages of high flexibility of four-direction shuttle, strong adaptability, energy conservation and environmental protection, which perfectly matches with the corporate culture and national energy conservation and environmental protection policy. It is the better choice of more and more companies.

Xi’an 4D Racking System Project

    The customer of Xi"an TBK stereoscopic warehouse project is a brake pad manufacturer, and the stereoscopic warehouse is mainly in charge of the storage of raw materials. This project uses a four-direction intelligent shuttle for the first time to complete the shuttle storage between high layer and multi-lanes. The project requires a wide variety of products and a large number of batches. It needs to be able to complete the material distribution automatically. This project is the first use of our four-direction shuttle officially. The whole progress meets customer’s needs and the expectation of production requirements. Which is a successful trial to gain experience and prove ourselves.

Shanxi Yuncheng Project

    A Bioengineering Co., Ltd. in Shanxi is a high-tech enterprise which mainly focus on functional biological products. It uses our four-direction intelligent shuttle racking solution, adopts an innovative automated intensive warehouse, with 3 four-direction shuttles, a total of 1120 cargo positions. Our product greatly improves the customer"s space availability, inventory capacity, and efficiency of warehouse-in and warehouse-out. In addition, we established an automation platform for customers to achieve the goals of automatic warehouse-in, automatic warehouse-out and automatic control.

Shenyang Project

In order to improve the availability of the warehouse, a large-scale auto parts factory in Shenyang uses our four-direction intelligent dense storage system. Our company has provided four-direction shuttle, control system, scheduling system and WMS, etc., for customer to establish an automatic three-dimensional warehouse with high efficiency, safety and large storage space. Which can achieve the goals of automatic storage, real-time monitoring feedback.

Changzhou Project

In the current tough situation at home and abroad, our company has achieved another success! The products of a resource recycling ltd. which located in the beautiful and rich Yangtze River Delta (Changzhou) are exported to Japan and Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States market, due to business expansion, the storage requirements increased obviously. The company and we are carrying out a four-way shuttle dense storage integration project in 2022. After several months of  elaborate preparation and testing, the project has been successfully completed and would be put into use when new products of the company are available. The project has the following several characteristics:  1. using  our advanced addressing and high-speed positioning solutions, with accurate high-speed characteristics; 2. the components have been precisely selected and confirmed, by super-high temperature test and pressure resistance test; 3. the dispatch use the new intelligent WCS(warehouse control system) developed by our company and the management software of WMS(warehouse management system ), with simple operation, powerful functions, visual monitoring interface, convenient after-sales processing; 4. the flexible transfer of warehouse area , efficient avoidance and maximum efficiency. The company will have great development potential in the field of electric power and new energy in the future, and will also sign a strategic cooperation agreement with our company. At that time, we will continue to play the advantages of our company"s high-quality products and high-quality projects, and give back to our partners and to the community by submitting a satisfactory piece of work .

Inner Mongolia Phase II Project

At the beginning of the new year 2023, our company has carried out another four-way shuttle three-dimensional warehouse project. This project is the second phase of the customer"s project after the first phase, which fully indicates the customer"s high recognition of our products and services, and also proves our strength in this field! The company is an internationally well-known leader in fine chemical products, which has been committed to intelligent transformation in recent years. This project has the following features compared to traditional chemical projects: 1.The flexible operation of the intelligent four-way shuttle coupled with the elevator enables storage in any storage position, greatly improving space utilization. 2.The investment in the WCS  and the WMS storage management system greatly reduces labour costs and makes inventory information clear. 3.The equipment is simple to maintain and easy to use, and traditional forklift drivers in chemical companies can operate the equipment after system training.After inheriting the advantages of the Phase I project, we have also upgraded the visual interface and intelligent dispatching in this case, which is a precious wealth that we have summed up in our long-term projects and customer needs.

Xinjiang three-dimensional warehouse project

On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, our company successfully delivered another intelligent 4D intensive warehouse project. This smart warehouse is located in Urumqi, China. It is mainly used for vaccine storage and is completely independently built by our company. The project has two independent constant-temperature warehouse areas, one is a 7 layers independent warehouse with a basement, and the other is a 3 layers independent warehouse on the ground. It is equipped with 2 standard 4D shuttles and 2 elevators, with a total of 1,360 storage pallets, shared one set of management software. The entire project process was implemented strictly in accordance with our company"s standardized model, and was well controlled in every small details. Although the project was delayed due to the impact of the epidemic, with the joint efforts of the company"s project team members, the project was successfully completed and accepted finally, and it became another proof of our company"s strength!